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The Website provides information and contents relating to Strauss’s activity and products, which are intended primarily for consumers. Though managed by Strauss, this Website enables surfers to post various messages, including talkbacks, discussion groups, forums, etc.

Since the contents and blogs posted on the Website are not published by Strauss, the latter is not responsible for their credibility, authenticity, accuracy or completeness, nor is it responsible for any outcome resulting from using or referring to them.

The contents you post on the Website are your sole responsibility. Make sure that such contents are legal and appropriate. Among other things, and for illustrative purposes only, you must refrain from publishing in or via the Website:

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  • any content that constitutes slander, or infringes on a person’s privacy or reflects on their reputation ;
  • any content that personally identifies other people without their prior consent;
  • any content of a harassing, insulting, threatening or rude nature;
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  • any content that encourages the performance of a criminal offence or could form a basis for a lawsuit or civil liability;
  • any content that may mislead consumers; and
  • any content of an advertising or commercial nature which is unrelated to Strauss and/or its products.

Strauss has the sole discretion to decide which contents will be posted on the Website, how long they will remain posted, their location and design, and any other matter relating to their posting on the Website. Strauss has the sole discretion to choose the contents posted on the Website, and it is not obliged to publish any user’s content there.

Once Strauss decides to publish or use the content you provide, it is entitled to edit any such content at its exclusive discretion, including shortening it.

Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, Strauss is entitled to refuse publishing or delete forthwith at any time any content you provide for posting on the Website should you breach the Terms of Use or commit an act or an oversight that impairs or could impair the services provided on the Website, its users, Strauss or any party on its behalf. In such case, Strauss will be entitled to prevent you from posting additional contents in the future.

Unless otherwise stated, the contents you provide for publication on the Website will be available to all Internet users. Act wisely and cautiously when providing your personal details (e.g., address or phone number) and with talkbacks and queries you receive following the use of the Website or publication of any of your details.

Strauss will be entitled to make any use (including commercial) it sees fit in the contents you publish on the Website, including their distribution, publication and forwarding to any party without entitlement to any proceeds in respect of said use.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that Strauss shall not bear any responsibility in regard to the contents, including their correctness, credibility, accuracy, etc., and the responsibility for the contents and for any outcome resulting from them and/or their publication and/or engaging in them, including using the contents and/or claim and/or response to them, shall apply solely to the surfer who created them.

Without derogating from the aforesaid, this Website may contain information that includes, inter alia, criticism about people and/or products and/or services and/or various events that don’t necessarily reflect the opinion of Strauss but rather the personal opinions of the writer only.

Using the Website, including using the information and referring to it, are under your sole responsibility. Responsibility for any risk that may be caused as a result of using the Website lies with you only and is solely under your responsibility. Strauss, its officeholders, employees or any party on its behalf, shall not be responsible for any direct, related, consequential, indirect or penal damage resulting from entering the Website or using it.

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