What’s the connection between a cow, a digital printer and origami?

What’s the connection between a cow, a digital printer and origami?

The digital and technological world is constantly changing, and thus enables brands to reinvent themselves in an especially surprising way. Talya Babay, Manager of the Chocolate Category in the Confectionery Division talks about the connection between the iconic Cow chocolate and cutting-edge technology.

Do-It-Yourself   A quick Google search reveals that the DIY trend is growing fast as more than a few web surfers post short how-to video tutorials, and an even larger number of surfers are expressing an interest and becoming involved. This trend runs across categories and age groups, and in fact, any target audience can find what it is looking for among the abundance of such posts, from food-in-a-minute through jar painting and gift wrapping to renovating your kitchen cabinets.   Clearly, this trend is being driven by three main platforms:

  • Instagram. Here, you can find short (up to 15 seconds) video tutorials that will guide you, step by step, through a broad variety of solutions and ideas, from how to make and decorate bracelets, design cushions and prepare special recipes, through to unusual ways to braid your hair.


Digital printers and personalization – the quickest way to the consumer’s heart   The digital packaging market has been growing at an accelerated pace in the past few years. A report published by Smithers Pira on the subject, “The Future of Digital Print for Packaging to 2020”, which reviews trends in this market, foresees that significant growth will continue until 2020 thanks to technology’s ability to improve operational efficiency and lead to substantial financial savings compared to analog technology.   Digital technology provides a new way for brands to communicate with consumers and allows for high emotional involvement that strengthens brand equity and creates a deeper connection with consumers. Digital print enables us to deliver a different consumer experience through the creation of packaging that is individually personalized.   Two noteworthy examples of this are Coca-Cola’s personalized name campaign  and Oreo Cookies , which enabled consumers to design their own holiday product packaging.

Digital printing technology has delivered new added value to the modern marketing world:

  • A variety of versions and designs for a broad product portfolio (for example, in Japan, KitKat has over 200 versions, and the technology allows for the production of prototypes and a review of different versions).
  • Building models for printing according to the customer’s request and shortening time-to-market.
  • Protection against forgeries through the use of different types of ink that make copying difficult.


Origamooo – Because a million Cows can't be wrong  

The major launch of the Cow brand this season integrates the two fast developing trends discussed above.   What would be more natural than to combine the trends and enable consumers of the brand to continue to enjoy the product after they have eaten it?   Points of sale are loaded with thrills and products. In an impulse category like chocolate, product packaging has pride of place in the buying decision; the more the packaging is unique, interesting and catches the consumer's eye, the greater the chance that the consumer will stop and choose our brand over its rivals. Delivering additional use/consumer value will increase this chance even further.   This year we dressed up the familiar red packaging of Cow milk chocolate with one million (!) different, unique designs, and an "origami cow" can be made out of each one of the wrappers. The broad variety of designs guarantees each consumer a one-of-a-kind design, and a special cow that is his and his alone. This move is the result of unique collaboration with HP Indigo, and it was made possible thanks to the HP Indigo Mosaic software, which delivers innovative hyper-personalization capabilities and allowed us to create endless one-off graphic variations.      To intensify the experience, we printed both sides of the wrapper, and on the inside facing cut-out lines were printed together with a legend directing the consumer to the Origamoo activity website for instructions on how to fold the origami cow.    

Visit us at Elite website and fold your own special origami cow.

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