Thoughts about social responsibility and accountability

Thoughts about social responsibility and accountability

Far apart – Closer together. Osnat Golan, VP Communications, Corporate Branding and Sustainability, share her Thoughts about social responsibility and accountability.

We live in challenging times. The Jewish new year has begun, but the corona pandemic that has stormed upon us hasn’t dissipated with time.

The more this pandemic continues to affect our health and social strength, I truly understand that a combination of accountability and collective responsibility will make sure we can restore the damage. Responsibility is a major value for us – and these last few months clarified for me how big of a responsibility we have as a global food and beverage group.

We have a responsibility to continue and produce food for people regularly, because food is a basic need. Responsibility to assist our suppliers and partners so that they can keep going in times of difficulty even more than in regular times. A responsibility to assist a family that lost its livelihood and a responsibility to embrace medical personnel with indulgent food products.


Amos oz once said that a person must do for others and not look the other way. “if you watch a huge fire, you must try and put it out. Bring a bucket of water and throw it on the fire. And if you don’t have a bucket, bring a glass, and if you don’t have a glass use a teaspoon. Everyone has a teaspoon”.

We all have a teaspoon and the world is on fire.

Our ability to recover from this crisis will be determined by our shared commitment to act


responsibly. To give up our personal need for proximity and be distant. To give up on the need to educate those who are different from us and just be better.

We all have a teaspoon and we can do great things with it. In the past few months we have activated many initiatives meant to assist the elderly and holocaust survivors during times of solitude, we have deepened our social investments and donated over 80,000 food packages to families struck from corona. We brought small moments of joy to medical personnel with our products. We have assisted small suppliers and farmers that work with us. We have created partnerships with many organizations, and we have strengthened our investment in our employees.

But that is just a drop in the ocean.

A teaspoon of water to control the fire.

With this new Jewish year we are committed to continue and assist, take part, lend a hand and help whoever we can.

Let us all decide that this year we all grab a teaspoon. Doing good together.