The best 2021 tips for job hunting

The best 2021 tips for job hunting

Looking for work? Here are a few great tips from Vered Barak, Head of Talent Acquisition department at Strauss Group

2020 was a complicated and challenging year. That is exactly why 2021 will be a very important year for job hunters. This upcoming year will be a year where workplaces and employees will reinvent themselves. The scope of job hunters this year has grown rapidly and many of you have asked us – what do you recommend when looking for work?

So, we have asked our very own Vered Barak, Head of talent acquisition department at Strauss Group to share her winning tips for job searching.


1. Give it time

job hunting is a job. You must devote your time to it, at least a few hours every week, prepare a spreadsheet where you can keep track of all the people you have sent your CV to, who is the contact person in every organization and have they reached back to you – with specific dates and everything.


2. Prepare your CV and devote your best efforts to it –

your CV is your entrance ticket to a company or organization. If you are having trouble preparing one on your own ask for help. If you are applying to a global company your resume must be in English.


3. Networking and connections-

job hunting is always a great reason to renew business ties with people. Obviously during the Covid-19 period it is must harder, but there are still excellent ways of communicating with people. Don’t forget to reinforce your presence on social media – Facebook, Instagram and of course LinkedIn.











4. Don’t be shy –

have you seen an interesting position? Check whether you know someone that works there and pass your resume through them – many companies have a “bring your friends” campaigns while you are helping your friend and helping the company recruit in one of the most successful methods out there.


5. Keep an open mind –

your dream job won’t always be available at the start. Sometimes you need to make compromises and keep your options for work that isn’t exactly what you have imagined but may bring your there in your next steps.


6. Train hard, fight easy –

don’t underestimate interviews or interactions whether it is with a recruitment specialist, the direct manager, the HR team or the company’s executives. Prepare hard and always be ready. Read about the company in the company’s websites and digital platforms, read about its vision and values, purpose and business strategy. When interviewing always be focused on what you bring and your value. You can even be a little bit excited – it shows motivation.

7. Ask questions –

at the end of every interview make sure to ask questions. If the position isn’t clear enough or if there is anything else you want to learn – ask. It shows responsibility. At the end of each interview it is also recommended to ask about the future steps in the process.


8. Salary –

don’t underestimate your value in terms of salary but also don’t exaggerate. Make sure you know what the salary range for the position you are interviewing for is.


9. Be Yourselves –

don’t try too hard to be likeable by the recruiter. A recruitment specialist is an objective professional. Positive and comfortable communication is not something you can produce artificially. Be ware not to be too open.


10. Be extra careful on Zoom and the likes –

be presentative, have a quite environment, a good wi-fi connection and always be on time.


11. Believe in yourselves and don’t give up – it can be a long and winding road with countless “No’s” along the way. Don’t give up and don’t let it break your spirit. Keep on with your journey and eventually you will find what you are looking for.


I wish everyone a happy new year and may next year be a much better year than 2020