Do You Want to Avoid Access Weight? Combine Yogurt in Your Daily Diet

Do You Want to Avoid Access Weight? Combine Yogurt in Your Daily Diet

Fascinating findings of a new study examine the inclusion of yogurt in your daily diet and its impact on weight. Ronit Giladi, Dietician at Strauss Dairies, describes the new discovery according to the Sun Cohort study, which was published in the leading nutrition magazine.

A new discovery by Spanish researchers proves that eating one yogurt serving per day will prevent overweight obesity, particularly when fruits are combined in the menu as well.

A Winning Combination of Yogurt and Fruits

To attain these results, researchers observed 8516 people who were found to have standard weight at the beginning of the research. They studied the diet of these people for 6 years.   6 years and 8 months after the observation started, researchers noticed changes in the subjects’ weight: it was found that 1860 of them were either overweight or defined as obese at the end of the study.

The scientists then matched these changes with the subjects’ diets.   They found that subjects who ate more yogurt (more than 7 servings a week) had a lower risk of weight gain or of being included in the obese group at the end of the study, particularly if they included fruits and consumed a Mediterranean diet.

Calcium as an impacting factor

Researchers found that although more and more studies have focused on preventing obesity in recent years, the mechanism of yogurt and its effect on weight management was not clear enough.

One of their most commonly prevailing assumptions is that since calcium is a major component of yogurt, it has a significant impact on weight gain and obesity.   According to them, calcium affects various mechanisms relating to weight gain, such as inhibiting fat absorption, reducing fat storage in tissues and increasing the removal of fat from the body.

Other researchers emphasize the role of probiotic-lactic bacteria in yogurt. These bacteria settle in the intestines and contribute to prevention and treatment of diseases.

Enjoyable nutrition

In conclusion, the authors of this study concluded that yogurt is one of the most recommended and popular sources to consume among dairy products. The Sun Cohort study findings shed light on the importance of not replacing fruit with yogurt and vice versa, but to integrate them into the daily diet for health purposes and, just as important, in order to consume delicious and enjoyable food.

This study is one in a series of numerous epidemiological clinical studies, which show that consumption of yogurt is associated with reducing body fat, abdominal obesity, waist and hips measurements, and increased lean body mass. In simpler terms, do you want to lose weight? Start consuming yogurt.


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