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December 29, 2016
As a DIY entrepreneur and copywriter, one of the things I love about being creative is reuse – taking something that is no longer useful and breathing new life into it. The idea of giving another chance to an item that is already on the way to the recycling bin and using it to create something completely different – decorative or useful – never fails to excite me....
April 19, 2015
Independence Day is a good opportunity to try to understand how the Israeli mind and entrepreneurial spirit have become an Israeli pride globally. Advanced technologies, promising start-ups - and their connection to food. Dagan Eshel, Strauss Alpha Venture Manager, shares with us the continuous journey into the future....
July 19, 2015
Traditional companies in the food and other industry are always looking for the next goal. The road leading to this goal has changed in recent years, and the sentence 'We should put the consumer at the center" is no longer a slogan sent in a brief to the ad agency. Zion Balas, CEO of Strauss Israel, describes the inspiration he finds in companies which are the first to identify the need and leap forward....
  • The wonders of yogurt: a whole world of culinary culture
    ... The wonders of yogurt: a whole world of culinary culture
    Hila Elad
    The wonders of yogurt: a whole world of culinary culture

    This realization – that yogurt is far more than a product in carton that is eaten with a spoon and has a whole variety of uses in different cuisines

  • Technological knowledge as an asset
    ... Technological knowledge as an asset
    Alpha Strauss
    Technological knowledge as an asset

     Why, sir, there is every probability that you will soon be able to tax it...

  • Is James Damore right?
    ... Is James Damore right?
    Noga Segev Nadir
    Is James Damore right?

    Agreeing or disagreeing with them, in whole or in part, is the best way to promote gender balance

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