Social Responsibility Day 2015: Summing Up a Year of Activity and Giving

Social Responsibility Day 2015: Summing Up a Year of Activity and Giving

Do you sometimes find yourselves thinking about how you can help others? Each of us has an opportunity to help another person, raise our head from our personal life, problems and work load, and see, simply see somebody else and be there for them Yotam Amram, Dry Inventories Manager at the Supply Chain Logistics Unit, sums up another year of social activity under the joint project of Strauss and Hatomer school in Ness Ziona.

ver the past three years, Yotam has been managing the Hatomer school project in the  logistics unit at Strauss. Hatomer school is a special place which provides an educational framework  for children and youth with developmental difficulties. The school has set a goal to not only be an educational site and provide knowledge and values, but also to prepare pupils for their adult life.  

When meet goals Tomer tells his story: As part of my volunteer activity, I organize the work of 13 teenagers who come twice a week for 10 hours to the logistic site in Zrifin, where our dry food products are stored. We treat these youngsters as employees, assign them with tasks and responsibilities, and they are an integral part of our department. Here, in fact,  is where the goals of Strauss and Hatomer school meet every day. This is how the project came about, with boys and girls from the school coming to the logistics warehouse of Strauss in Zrifin and performing various jobs under tight supervision and guidance of the warehouse employees.  

Tight cooperation   At the beginning and throughout the year I meet with the school principal and his deputy. We talk about the pupils who would or already have joined, in order to find the suitable type of work for them. Work at Strauss confers various habits: personal responsibility, meeting deadlines, working with co-workers and dedication, and these youngsters look forward to going back to work every week. One of the things which gives me great satisfaction is to see this leap in self-confidence and happiness that work at Strauss offers to the boys and girls every time they come to us.

In the past year, the logistics unit has led the transition project to the new Strauss logistics center in Shoham. We expanded our cooperation by helping these teenagers set up a coffee stall at school, based on the knowledge of Strauss in coffee, and give the school an additional source of income. On a personal note, these teenagers gave me a lesson in life- accepting the other, and the desire and skill to succeed in life if you have a disability. As I see it, the thanks and appreciation are due to them, not to us.