Far Apart – Closer Together

Far Apart – Closer Together

Far apart – Closer together. Alona Magor-Shoham, VP of HR at Strauss Israel, shares her thoughts for this upcoming new Jewish year

I am usually not the kind of person that writes on social media, but there is something completely different about this Rosh Hashana that is so overwhelming, and I simply can’t ignore the journey we have passed, and the people that make Strauss such a unique company.

This year was breathtaking, unpredictable and mostly challenging. The corona crisis has deeply affected each and every one of us, and all those we care about. At Strauss it was clear to us from the very get go, that even in times of crisis we must continue and be a stable anchor for our people and their families throughout all life cycles.

We have continued to produce excellent food for millions of Israelis, while maintaining the most important thing to us – the health, livelihood and safety of all Strauss’ people.

Looking back, this was a highly intensive period filled with worries, contemplation, considerations, activities and a great sense of achievement. I am reminded how at the beginning of this crisis we have done tremendous adjustments so that our Headquarters’ employees could continue to work from home, and we have also enabled them to buy home office equipment with our assistance, ergonomic guidance and a specialized website for remote work.

We have also created tools and processes for our precious front-line employees that have been working in endless dedication especially in complicated times like these, that will help them keep their health and safety everywhere – production, factories and in the field.

We chose, this new Jewish year eve, to give every one of our employees in the front-lines a financial bonus as a thank you for all your activities. I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of you!

Due to this complicated social and economic crisis that so many households in Israel encounters this year, we have decided to establish a special financial fund that will donate grants to our employees that have experienced a severe economic impact because of the corona crisis.

Throughout this period of time we have continued to give out over 10,000 food packages to our employees with our products, we had exciting summer events (on zoom although but hopefully soon enough it will be face to face) and we have continued to do everything we can to give you all the support at any time.

And to our dear former employees who are now retired, the people that have donated to Strauss for so many years and are mostly part of at-risk communities. Some of them unfortunately are lonely and need more than others a hug and someone to listen to them. This year, besides the annual gift coupons we give out to them, we have reached out and contacted them, spoke to them, listened and wherever we have identified someone in need we have done everything in our power to help them.

As a VP of HR, and a seasoned executive, I have come a long way at Strauss throughout the years, I have had many experiences and have dealt with many crisis situations. And yet (although this is not the time for conclusions), I will never forget the past few months.

I wake up every morning with excitement and a great sense of purpose, also due to the challenges we face but mostly due to the special motivation people have in times like these that really make Strauss as great as it is.


Thank you for always being here for us – and I promise to always be here for you as well.