Committed to challenges

Committed to challenges

Ahead of International Volunteer Day, Tomer Yitzhak, economist in the Fun & Indulgence division, shares with us his volunteering experience at Etgarim organization.

During our day-to-day activities in an intensive business environment, we don’t always find the time to pause and think whether we are self-fulfilled with our activity, whether what we are doing is enough to achieve the purpose of life. Fortunately, as part of my work at Strauss, I am able to go beyond – to volunteer and fulfill myself on more than the mere professional level.

Throughout the year, our Fun & Indulgence division keeps close ties with Etgarim organization. Etgarim cares for various populations, helping them to realize their abilities through extreme sports, climbing a rope bridge, driving a two-seater/hand bicycle, using omega and playing ball games.

There’s nothing like the great fun we, the volunteers, feel when we hear about progress made by the children, a bold move they took or a new activity they participated in. I can personally attest to the fact that after completing such a volunteer day I go back to my daily routine with different proportions and meaning to life. Volunteering helps me cope more easily with difficulties and challenges.

Every two weeks the people in our division go out for activities with the children of Etgarim, nurturing one another with mutual satisfaction and self-fulfillment. These numerous meetings have produced an experiential connection with the parents as well, who see with us their son or daughter managing to complete one of their assignments.

During our most recent meeting, the children took part in an "elevator" station, in which they are tied to a rope that the instructors pull on one side, making them go up on the other side. One of the children was afraid to go up. As accompanying instructors we tried to persuade him and explained to him insistently and with confidence that this was the right thing for him to do. He eventually came round and performed the task despite his difficulty. In such moments, our satisfaction is immediate and the sense of contribution is huge.      

This is exactly how our connection with the children is built, and it is fun to come over each meeting anew and discover that the children are waiting for you and asking about you.  

Our contribution to the community does not amount to these outdoor activities. The instructors and even the children of Etgarim make us develop our abilities, initiate and think about diverse modes of support, think outside of the box and primarily extend our faith in ourselves. I find myself having abilities and traits that I didn't previously have in my day-to-day life.  

Strauss allocates extensive resources toward encouraging employees to take an active part in the communities around us. The ability to donate and volunteer all year round has long become a blessed commitment.