At Strauss, we are committed to act transparently, responsibly and fairly to consumers and suppliers, our employees and the environment. What does this mean in practical terms and how is it done?

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June 9, 2014
Upon receipt of the Diversity Award from Maala during Social Responsibility in Business Day, we include a few personal words from Noga Segev Nadir, Talent Manager at Strauss Group, and also: a video showing human diversity in our organization....
August 17, 2014
At the height of the summer and ahead of Clean Up the World Weekend, Tom Szaky and Naama Karmon from TerraCycle describe eight hot environmental trends that we should expect in the near future....
July 15, 2013
Upon the launch of the sixth Sustainability Report of Strauss Group, Gadi Lesin, Group President and CEO, openly shares with us the debates and reasons that led to the decision to publish an annual Sustainability Report as part of the Strauss Way....
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