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November 22, 2017
They experience civil wars, massacres, domestic violence, and earn 50$ annually. Orr Rachlevsky travelled to Congo to witness Strauss Coffee project with women coffee growers on a remote island in East Congo, part of 'More Than A Cup' program, and came back (barely) with hope and locals gratitude to Strauss...
December 29, 2016
As a DIY entrepreneur and copywriter, one of the things I love about being creative is reuse – taking something that is no longer useful and breathing new life into it. The idea of giving another chance to an item that is already on the way to the recycling bin and using it to create something completely different – decorative or useful – never fails to excite me....
  • Technological knowledge as an asset
    ... Technological knowledge as an asset
    Alpha Strauss
    Technological knowledge as an asset

     Why, sir, there is every probability that you will soon be able to tax it...

  • Is James Damore right?
    ... Is James Damore right?
    Noga Segev Nadir
    Is James Damore right?

    Agreeing or disagreeing with them, in whole or in part, is the best way to promote gender balance

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