At Strauss, we are committed to act transparently, responsibly and fairly to consumers and suppliers, our employees and the environment. What does this mean in practical terms and how is it done?

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May 6, 2020
95% of the coffee in the world is being produced by small coffee farms. Project "More than a cup" operated by Strauss coffee assists thousands of women coffee growers in developing countries and makes a significant impact on the community. Florence Niyoomahoro, a coffee grower from Rwanda: "Women are the heart and soul. When you invest in women you invest in the entire family"...
November 22, 2017
They experience civil wars, massacres, domestic violence, and earn 50$ annually. Orr Rachlevsky travelled to Congo to witness Strauss Coffee project with women coffee growers on a remote island in East Congo, part of 'More Than A Cup' program, and came back (barely) with hope and locals gratitude to Strauss...
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