מערכת שטראוס

We are happy to officially launch the Strauss Group Blog. This is an exciting opportunity for us to take you on our journey, invite you into our community and to share with you our story, our knowledge and our professional experience through the years, while passing on our never ending passion for "Creating Wonders out of Basics". We have always seen it as our responsibility to contribute to people's well being; to our consumers, our employees and stakeholders, our investors, and the communities we participate in. With "Food For Thought", we are happy for the opportunity to share with you our activities, experience and knowledge. "Food For Thought" will feature posts about food, nutrition, marketing, technology, innovation, corporate leadership & responsibility. All of these topics are the basic ingredients in Strauss' way towards engaging, conversing, learning and improving. This is the true mission of our blog; we are here to share, learn and improve. Upon this exciting new stage, we will host a variety of writers consisting of Strauss employees and executives plus special guest writers, all offering an exclusive personal and professional peek into their lives. Whether we have previously met on the supermarket shelf, across billboards or in your home, or if this is our first encounter - it's great to meet you here! This is the place to get acquainted with the people that make the company what it is, the stories behind Strauss' international brands and our achievements that make it all such a wonderful experience. We hope you'll enjoy the journey just as much as we do, and who knows- maybe you'll even become a frequent visitor and participant in the blog Strauss.
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