Taking Responsibility for the Basics – Global Social Responsibility Day at Strauss Group

Taking Responsibility for the Basics – Global Social Responsibility Day at Strauss Group

12 // December // 2011



Every year, the Strauss Group holds a global CSR day that incorporates all of the group units and businesses. This is the pinnacle of all of the volunteer and community activities that take place the entire year across the organization, both internationally and in Israel.


The purpose of this day is to encourage group employees around the World to become more involved and to contribute to their respective communities, while exposing them to the benefits of volunteering and giving. On this day we provide added values, both emotional and practical, beyond the products we are offering to our consumers.


CSR Day 2011


Named “Taking Responsibility for the Basics,” this year’s CSR Day emanated from our sense of responsibility as an organization to provide basic social responses to current needs in our society.


Most of the activities were conducted in collaboration with the community partners of our business units, all of whom are in contact with us throughout the year. In other units, we held various activities that aimed to meet basic needs of diverse populations.



The Choice of Activities


This year we chose to volunteer in places that our social partners defined as having the greatest need. Employees and managers alike took part in the following activities: packing food baskets and distributing them to the needy, renovating educational institutions, day-care centers and kindergartens, enrichment and experiential activities, environmental activities, activities with the elderly, collection of clothes and donating them to the needy, and more.



We hope that this CSR Day will empower both the community and our employees, constituting a significant impact in the Strauss Group’s contribution to our surrounding communities, to boost the morale of community members and employees, and provide great momentum to all of these parameters combined.



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